Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We finally made a blog!

After much procrastination, we have finally made a blog. We have so much news! I guess it is easiest to start with our move to Provo, Utah. That was always the deal-once I was finished with school in Canada, we would move to Provo for Theo's school. He feels good being in school and progressing in his education.

So here is a picture of the Max's truck (we used it to transport some of our things). Theo took a trip down earlier and brought the majority of our stuff. Once the border officers saw this contraption, they didn't want to touch it and didn't even ask what we were bringing across...ha, we could have smuggled anything we wanted!

Mom, Aimee and Max drove down to the half way mark with us; where Theo's brother Jesse met us and we switched everything into his truck.
Here are some pictures of the trip...

Last few moments with Grandma Brenda.

Aimee taking Piper on a walk while I fed Zachary.

We love our house in Provo. It is a good size for us! Three bedroom with a huge yard for Piper. If Zachary was old enough, he would be able to enjoy the swing set...but for now, it is fun to have for the cousins to use.