Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catching up

It feels like a lot has happened this summer. It has been so busy that I didn't make time to put an entry together...Where to start...

Theo and I had our third year anniversary together! Those 3 years went by really fast! Here are a few things that I have learned about marriage:
  1. Everything gets much busier when you have a kid. You need to schedule almost everything. I'll take the decrease in spontaneity for our cute little Zacha (That is what his cousin Maisy calls him, I think it's cute).
  2. Boys are messy! What I mean by this is that boys love to get dirty. He loves his outdoors activities; camping, paint balling, shooting, you name it, he loves it and is good at it.
  3. Theo LOVES being a Dad. I always knew he would be a good Dad...but he is not just good- he is an AMAZING father. So loving and attentive, even when he has a whole list of things he needs to get done, Zachary always comes first. He even offers to change Zachary's dirty diapers! I am so lucky.
  4. Laughter is so important. We laugh about the silliest things everyday; and that's important. It keeps us happy and keeps us focused on having fun each and every day.
  5. When it is his night to cook-we are definitely going to have BBQ; even if it is pouring rain.
I sure love Theo! I'm so grateful that I married my best friend.

We went to Brier, WA and Cannon Beach, OR. Zachary loved the water....even though it was freezing cold. He didn't care that his legs and feet were turning purple. He kept trying to jump in the water. We also went on the ferry, which was lots of fun.
He loves animals. Whenever he sees any kind of furry creature, he starts making animal sounds and pointing. It is hilarious. Sometimes he will call the animal a 'doggy'. 'Doggy' is pretty much his universal name for any four legged creature.
Zachary had a great time playing with his cousins. He wanted to be just like the big kids. He would follow them everywhere. I wish we all lived closer...
Taven taught him how to use a shovel at the beach. Now, every day, Zach gets out the big spoon from the kitchen and tries to shovel our carpet.

For Father's Day, I surprised Theo with tickets to the Tim McGraw concert! It was so good!! I loved seeing him live...

We also made a trip up to Calgary. That was fun. I had forgotten how cold the summer could be up there. We had snow and hail. I'm not was a nice break from our scorching heat in Utah.

Zachary is such a little ham. He makes us laugh all day long. He is a great kid...hopefully we can make more just like him.