Monday, June 28, 2010

Zachary is 9 months old!

I can't believe that Zachary is already 9months! He is almost one year old! Crazy.
He had his wellness check up this week and is doing great. Zachary is getting to be a great little walker. He will even pull or carry things around with him wherever he goes. This is his favorite thing to take around the house:
He is also into climbing EVERYTHING! It is crazy. I think he is practicing to be a rock climber, just like his Dad.

I left the room for a quick second,
and came back to find him in the stroller

I love summer

I seriously am in love with summer. I love the hot weather and all of the fun things that we get to do. We have been on some good hikes lately. Last week we went up to Diamond Fork hot springs by Spanish Fork. It was so beautiful! I was surprised at how hot some of the pools were. Some of them had boiling water in them; they were that hot. It would be perfect for a winter day...but not much fun when it is already scorching outside. We did find one pool that had some cold water running through it, so it was perfect for Zachary and for us to play in.

You can tell by Zachary's face that he is just loving the water. That boy is a little fish. Once he is in water, it is a big struggle to get him out. This hike was way fun, we went with some great friends and spent about 7 hours out there. Theo ended up needing stitches once we were back home. He decided to explore a waterfall, which would have been perfectly fine if he were wearing shoes; but, he wasn't. He ended slicing the skin between his big toe and the toe next to it. I'll spare you the pictures, it is pretty gruesome. He thought it was pretty cool that you can see the bone. Theo really didn't want or think that he needed stitches. He was ready to do the whole, clean it out and put super glue in it; which by the way, I am sure works, but I think it is so weird. So, we did in fact go in and get stitches. About 12 stitches later, the Dr. said that if he hadn't come in, the wound would have for sure gotten infected and taken forever to heal. This was Theo's first visit to the Dr.'s since we have been married. That is pretty good for 3 years of marriage. Especially since everyone said that it was a good thing he was marrying a nurse because he gets hurt a lot.

Here's some pics from the hike:

Zachary and his girlfriend

Here is the waterfall Theo cut his foot on.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guess what world- I'm walking!

Yep, it's true. little 8 month old Zachary can now walk. We can hardly believe it. He looks so funny when he walks around; his arms stick straight out from his body and his legs don't bend. Just like Frankenstein, not that I would ever call him that. So, instead, we call him Zachenstein (thanks to Alicia:)). Our video camera won't let us upload video, so, you'll have to settle for pictures for now.

Curious George is a good motivator for him to walk

It was 32*C (90*F) here today. It felt way too hot! Ugh. The dry desert heat. I think I would tolerate it better if we had an ocean nearby :) However, since we don't, we got out the little swimming pool for Zachary. It was his first time using it. He loved it! He spent the whole time splashing, singing, and trying to coax Piper into the water with him.

This was how he spent the afternoon:

This is his singing face

This last picture is hilarious. He kept trying to play peek-a-boo, but it wasn't working so well for him because he couldn't get his eyes covered. He was laughing so hard at himself for quite a while. This expression here reminds me of something that Theo had said when he was young: "I am the funniest kid in the world!" I wonder if Theo's family would agree with me? I guess Zachary is going to be the second funniest kid in the world.