Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was such a treat. Theo did a good job of making me feel special all weekend. On Sunday, I woke up to a happy baby who gave me slobbery kiss, after slobbery kiss (it was as if he knew it was Mom's day and smothered me with love).

Then I was given my Mother's Day gifts, which included: Things in a box (it's a REALLY fun game), the first of the
Twilight series, peanut brittle and a big cookie.
Then we had banana pancakes, YUM. They were very good. What a lucky girl I am!!!

I even got a present for Piper, even though she is not a mom yet, I thought she deserved something. Apparently she thought so as well. She knew exactly which gift was hers, and she wanted to devour in right away. Piper is such a good dog! She has a great temperament and is so good with kids. I swear she thinks that she is Zachary's mom. She licks his tears when he's crying and she'll bring him her favorite toys so that they can play tug-a-war. Here's a few pictures of her present:

Waiting for us to let her take the toy...

Sharing with Zachary.

Finally, her favorite part, destroying it.

We are so lucky to have Zachary. He is so happy and makes us laugh all of the time! I can make him smile at any time of the day. He can be full out crying and I can make a face or say something silly and he'll give me his huge gummy-smile (he doesn't have any teeth yet). Around our neighbourhood and at church, he is known as the happy-smiley baby. Did I mention that he is a big time flirt? He loves to be around females! For example, last semester we went to one of Theo's classes every Monday. Whenever Zachary would get bored, Theo would take Zachary to walk the aisle of the class. Whenever he would spot a girl, he would stop and smile at her until she would smile back. When they did, he would giggle and keep walking, looking for the next girl. It was hilarious! Anytime he would see a male, he would quickly look away and look for a girl to smile at. So cute! Here are a few of his great smiles:

at 4 months

at 5 months

at 6 months

at 7 months

around 7 months

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